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Received my brush on Friday & have been using it the last couple of days & Wow what a difference it has made I can now pat Abby without ending up with a handful of fur..it's an amazing product.

Denise - Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush

I have a Persian cat which as you can imagine means a lot of brushing to keep his fur knot-free. This de-shedding brush was so easy to use. It fits nicely in your hand and is comfortable to hold. It got so much fur off him and over a few days managed to get a serious knot out of his tail fur and under one of his legs. He probably wasn't thrilled but I definitely am! His coat is smooth and will be easy to keep with this brush. I have used something similar in the past so didn't need the instructions. I did, however, read them and would be useful for someone who might be less familiar with the brush. Would highly recommend this product

Kim - Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush

Our cat Pliny has a new bed the Tweed Plush Donut Bed and he is very comfortable curled up having his nap in it today! It is nice and soft and a great colour and can be easily placed in a bag if we need to go away on holidays with our cat. The base is very cushioned whereas some other beds we have had you can feel the floor through it! We are very happy with this product! Thank you Ziggy Belle! 5 stars *****

Renita - Plush Donut Bed