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Purveyor Of Pawesome ​Products For Pussy Cats

Proud Supporter Of Rescue Charities Helping Kitty Cats In Need

Welcome to Ziggy Belle!!

Who Is Ziggy Belle?

Ziggy Belle is the inspiration behind this wonderful venture. She has been in my life since 2008. She was a rescue cat. She was found abandoned underneath a house with her siblings full of fleas and ant bites. The mother was no where to be found. 

Since that very first day I brought her home we have helped each other through some tough times. But we have also had many great times together too!

What Does Ziggy Belle Do?

Through many years of living with cats I have developed a thorough understanding about all aspects of cat care such as behaviour, health, grooming, food etc.

Ziggy & I aim to search to the ends of the earth to find the very best cat products. They will all be tested and approved by Ziggy herself!

We also wish to help educate the cat community with articles and videos relevant to taking the very best care of our kitty cats.

Ziggy has actually written an EBook called "Caring for your Kitty Cat" which will be given free to customers who purcahse the Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush.

Giving to Rescue Charities

As Ziggy Belle is a rescue cat herself, she made it clear to me in the very beginning that one of our main aims should be to provide awareness about cat adoptions (Adopt Don't Shop) and to provide support to charities that desperately need money and resources to continue doing the awesome work that they do.

We are currently teamed up with the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge. We donate to the refuge monthly and the profits made from the sale of our Ziggy Belle Calendars are going straight to the refuge as well.

You can check out the awesome work that they do by visiting their website below: