How To Host A Birthday Pawty For Your Cat

How To Host A Birthday Pawty For Your Cat

Even if you adopted your cat and don’t know their precise birthday, you can still celebrate their “adoption” day – the date you picked them up from the shelter and brought them into your home.

Invite Guests

It might be tempting to invite a bunch of neighborhood cats over to celebrate your pet’s special day, but think twice before bringing another kitty into your home.

Ziggy doesn't particularly like other cats. So if your cat is like Ziggy and doesn't do well with other pets, introducing another animal can be very stressful.

Make your cat’s birthday party a human-only event. Ziggy's birthdays usually have just 2 other attendees - her mummies!!

Make It A Themed Event

Get everyone to dress up in their favorite cat t-shirt, wear a cat ear handband or mask. 


Decorate with things your cat would enjoy playing with, streamers, ribbons, foil curtains. 

I would personally not recommend balloons as the sound they make when they pop could be potentially frightening.

Ziggy Belle Birthday Pawty Party

Present Ideas

There are so many things on the market for cats, the choices are endless when it comes to present ideas!

  • New toy - update your kitty cats old ratty toys and replace with some new ones filled with catnip.
  • Scratcher - every cat needs a scratcher and they get tatty very quickly after lots of use. Treat them to a new one every year as a tradition!
  • Wand/Teaser Toy - You can spend hours entertaining your kitty with a teaser wand with mice or feathers for you cat to chase and bat.
  • Interactive feeder, puzzle maze - make your kitty cat work for their treats and give them some extra stimulation by providing them with an interactive feeder or puzzle maze.
  • Led mouse torch light - A little light shaped like a mouse that you can get your kitty to chase around the floor, walls.
  • Tunnel - A crinkly, tunnel your kitty cat can hide in. You can spend hours playing hide & seek with your kitty cat!
  • Tower - Cats love to be up high to observe their territory. Towers can be a bit more expensive than regular toys so save up and make this a special purchase!
  • New Bed - every kitty cat deserves their very own special bed. If your kitty cats bed is looking old & smelly maybe it is time for an upgrade!

If your kitty does not need anything then consider giving $$ to a local rescue charity

(These present ideas are perfect for Christmas Gift ideas too!)


Using only food you already have, you can easily make a cake fit for a cat! It’s easy to make and you’ll know it’ll be a hit because it’s made with the foods your cat already loves.

Simply empty a can of pate-style cat food onto a dish. Use a butter knife to help you get it out of the can whole. Then, use your cat’s favorite kibble to decorate the “cake” and you’re done, no potentially dangerous human food necessary.


If you want to go all out for your kitty cat's birthday party you could even add some entertainment to the day. Here are some ideas!
  • Play cat themed games like pin the tail on the cat. 
  • Professional portrait or set up photo booth with "Cat" props
  • Spend time with your cat to play, pamper or maybe even a massage
  • Try something new - walk,  backpack,  stroller 

We just purchased a stroller for Ziggy and she absolutely loves it. She really enjoyed the stimulation of a different environment with new sights, new smells, new sounds. It sounds crazy taking your cat out in a stroller, but why not?? 

Trip to the beach in her new Stroller


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