Celebrating the Love of Cats this Valentine's Day


Ziggy Belle Valentines Day Quotes

Beautiful kitty cat quotes for Valentine's Day - Which is your favourite?

Charles Dickens hit the nail on the head when he famously quoted “What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

Valentines Day is traditionally a day to celebrate your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, lover, husband or wife.

We are a Cat Loving community here so we are going to celebrate the love between Cats and their mums & dads!! 

Tom from Tom & Jerry showing us some love! via GIPHY

The love of a cat is truly something special. Unlike with our doggy pals you have to really earn the trust of a cat for them to truly love you back.

I have been with my mummy for nearly 12 years now and I feel super comfortable and happy around her and my mummy k. I love them to bits.

If you need a reminder to know if your cat truly loves you here are a list of things to look for…

The tummy flash

This is the ultimate sign that a cat is beyond happy in your presence! Tummy up paws in the air. Ziggy does this a lot on a daily basis!

Bringing you presents

This one can be a bit gross but it is in a cats nature to bring a present such as a mouse, lizard, grasshopper, rat. It’s their way of saying I love you.

Head butts

This is them rubbing their scent on you to claim you as their person. Nothing better than a good head butt from your kitty!

Love bites

Teeny tiny little bites that don’t hurt, normally when you are patting or playing. 


Just hanging out with you. Sometimes that might be right on the desk where you are trying to work.

Twitching the tip of their tail

Kitty cats tails can tell you a lot about the way they are feeling. The tip twitch is a happy cat tail.


The sound of a kitty cats purr is the most wonderful sound in the world. It is the ultimate definition of happiness.

Kitty kisses

Slow kitty blinks that are their way of saying I love you.

Grooming you

They love you so much they are willing to clean you!


Ziggy has always been a very much loved and spoiled cat and in return she shows me these loving signs on a regular basis. The only one she doesn’t do too regularly is the present bringing which is great coz I don’t like to see that she has killed an innocent little thing needlessly. 

My favourite pose when I am in the garden is flopping on my back with my paws in the air. I love rubbing up against both my mummies legs and giving them head butts. 

If you are a person that is still undecided about the affection that a cat can show perhaps a little science is needed to prove that cats are not the aloof creatures they are always made out to be.

Scientists at Oregon University actually conducted a test to determine which stimulus cats prefer. It turns out that cats do actually prefer social interaction with humans over food. Food was number 2 though!!

A lot of people out there would probably agree that they love their fur babies more than people. Although we may only be half kidding when we say this, the fact is that our fur babies don’t talk back! They don’t fight with us, or tell us that we are fat, or that we should be doing this or that, they don’t give us a guilt trip if we decide we’d rather stay home and hang out with our cats.

I’m sure that a lot of us in the cat community will be staying home with their fur babies on Valentines so to celebrate the love between you & your kitty cat and their fur parents we have a wonderful selection of gifts that you can purchase for your kitty cat or for yourself!!


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