Happy New Year from Ziggy Belle

Happy New Year from Ziggy Belle

Happy New Year from the team at Ziggy Belle!


2020 - a new year and a new decade!!


It's time to start thinking about the year ahead. Our lives are busy - it’s a fact. Kids, furkids, work, shopping, cooking, cleaning, appointments, bills, events, occasions, birthdays….arrgghhhh!

How is one supposed to keep on top of it all??

We only have a limited number of hours every day and it can become overwhelming to keep in control of everything that needs to be done.

Time management is a tricky task that can be made much more simple by creating a game plan for each day, week or month.

We are in the era of technology and a lot of people like to use their calendar “apps”,  the downside to this though is that your partner or kids can’t see everyone else’s schedules.

The beauty of a classic hardcopy calendar is that you can write down appointments, birthdays etc. display it in the kitchen where it is visible to everyone so they know what is happening and when!

Most importantly there is plenty of room for you to keep track of your kitty cats vet appointments, when to give flea treatments etc. 

Ziggy Belle & I created this calendar to help everyone get more organised and less stressed for 2020! It's a perfect time to get organised for the year ahead!

We have recently teamed up with the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge and have decided to donate 100% of the profits directly to help the animals in need at the refuge.

The calendar is a large A3 size with lots of room for writing down all the important family appointments. It has all the Australian public holidays listed. 

Each month shows a beautiful picture of Ziggy Belle - the ambassador for rescue cats. 

Help us to help other kitty cats in need and purchase your calendar today!

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  • You are doing great work Ziggy Belle to support SCARS. I love my calendar and we have it hanging in our kitchen!

    Jo Jackson

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