The story of how Ziggy stole my heart ♥

The story of how Ziggy stole my heart ♥

How Ziggy stole my heart

I was working at Fernwood Gym in Carindale back in 2008. We had a client called Shelley who was a vet nurse at the Cat Clinic which was just up the road.

One day she came in with a carrier full of kittens and asked us to mind them while she went to do her workout. Hell yeah of course we would!

The kittens had been found under a house covered in fleas and ant bites. They were taken to the Cat Clinic and Shelley was hand rearing them so had to take them to and from work every day! Very dedicated!

This went on for several weeks. Once they were old enough we were able to take them out of the carrier and have cuddles and play with them while Shelley was working out. We basically had four little fluffy assistants working with us on the desk!

After I had spent some time playing with the kittens it became obvious that one little kitty had a stronger bond with me than the others! 

Every time I would pick the little back and white tuxedo kitten up it was clear that she did not want to let go. She would cling on to my chest as if to say "Don't Go!"

After a couple of times of this happening I fell completely and utterly head over heals in love with this fluff ball and immediately told Shelley I wanted to adopt her!

A couple of weeks later and she was home with us!! Shelley made this awesome little photo book of photos from her early weeks so that I could remember how tiny she was!

I hope you enjoy these photos and the little story that Shelley wrote. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos but these are physical photos that I have now had for nearly 12 years! 


Ziggy Baby Book Page 1Ziggy Baby Book Page 2

Ziggy Baby Book Page 3

Ziggy Baby Book Page 4Ziggy Baby Book Page 5Ziggy Baby Book Page 6

Ziggy Baby Book Page 7

Ziggy Baby Book page 8

The day mummy takes Ziggy Home

Ziggy has brought me so much joy to my life. Having her by my side has gotten me through some tough times.

She is going to be 12 years old next month! I am so happy to have had her in my life. 

She now has 2 mummies that adore her and she lives by the beach. She is a very happy, well cared for and spoiled kitty cat!

Ziggy Belle Story THE END


I hope that you enjoyed our little story!

Meows & Hugs

Sonya & Ziggy 🐾


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That is such a beautiful story. Ziggy is such a beautiful kitty.


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