Keeping Your Fur Babies Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Fur Babies Warm This Winter

Although they have a layer of fur covering their bodies cats feel the cold just as we do! Unlike humans we can’t just rug them up in a coat, scarf and beanie (unless you have a cat that loves dressing up!) Instead we have to ensure that we provide the nice warm spots for your kitty cat to curl up in throughout the day to keep warm.

“Cats are likes sundials they always find the sun!”

Ziggy Belle catching some rays of sunshine!

Ziggy always manages to find the little patch of sunlight streaming in through the window and will quite often find her curled up there catching the warmth of the rays. It is important to ensure that your cat has access to light coming in through the windows so they can keep themselves comfy and warm.


Kitty cats need warm places to sleep so providing access to one or two beds around the house in warm spots is important. Or you could provide 4 places for your kitty to sleep like Ziggy has! 


Ziggy has her donut bed, her cosy kitty cube, her chaircoon (aptly named by Mummy K) this is basically an old chair that we kept from our old house that Ziggy loves and it has a blanket wrapped around it and a blanket under it to provide a cosy place to sleep or hide! We also have the ottoman that we brought from our old house that doesn’t actually go with anything that we currently have but we kept it so that Ziggy had something she was familiar with. So familiar in fact that it still shows signs of her claws that have attacked it many times and now little threads are hanging out to remind us that this ottoman now belongs well and truly to Ziggy.

Ziggy Belle in her comfy cozy donut nest pet bed


Cats are normally pretty good at regulating their temperature and if they feel the cold they tend to find a cosy spot to curl up in. However if you have an outdoor kitty make sure they have somewhere to go to get away from the cold or wet weather. On extra cold days make sure that you keep an eye on the temperature and if your kitty cat is outside make sure you bring them inside to keep them from suffering cold related illnesses like hypothermia.


We have a range of comfy cosy beds available so that your kitty cat can keep warm and cosy this winter. 



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