Not all cats have a home this Christmas

Not all cats have a home this Christmas


Christmas is a wonderful time of year to spend with the ones you love - human and furry. For fur babies that already have a wonderful home and are treated like part of the family like me! it is an extra special time. Their humans are on holidays so they get extra pats, playtime and treats!!

Ziggy & her toys

At the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCARS) however there are lots of fur babies that are still waiting to find their forever homes. 

CaT Enclosure SCARS

The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge relies on the help of sponsors like me & my mummy to help with their ongoing mission to provide refuge to unwanted, abandoned, abused & homeless animals.

Ziggy Belle are now regular sponsors along with other Sunshine Coast businesses. Check out our listing on the SCARS website:

 We Understand that:

Not everyone is in a position to adopt an animal - they may already have a full house or live in a property unsuitable for animals. There are many ways that you can help though!!

We Also Understand that:

Not everyone is in a position to become a sponsor. However small donations and spreading the word about the work that SCARS do all helps!!

That is why:

My mummy has created this calendar of me, Ziggy Belle, with beautiful pictures and the proceeds from the sale of this calendar will be donated directly to the refuge. 

As Christmas is just round the corner we also think that this would make a fantastic gift idea!!!  

The refuge regularly host fundraising events to raise money for their ongoing expenses. Those expenses are never ending though so Ziggy & I wanted to help!

As Ziggy Belle is a rescue cat herself and is also a cat with a disability she wanted to become an ambassador for helping cats in need.

By selling this calendar, we want to promote the wonderful work that SCARS do and also to highlight how a "senior, special needs" cat can be a wonderful addition to a family just as much as a kitten can be.

Here is a little information about what the refuge do and the costs involved:


The cost of looking after each cat or dog from the time they are brought in to adoption is nearly $900. These costs can vary greatly if the animal involved has special needs. Kittens and younger cats will generally be adopted before senior cats or cats that may have a health condition. Therefore more resources are needed to take care of senior or special needs cats. They rehome approx 1000 cats & dogs per year.

A Volunteer At SCARS

Costs involved:  

  • Vaccinations, worm treatment, de-sexing & micro chips
  • Medical treatment 
  • Vet supplies and equipment
  • Food & water
  • Bedding, towels & toys
  • Washing of bedding & towels 
  • Cleaning of kennels & enclosures
  • Walking, grooming & playtime


Running the refuge:

The refuge is set on 1.08 hectares of land which can house: 60 dogs & 50 cats at any one time. There is a lot of work that is involved in the upkeep of the refuge and there is even a 24 hour caretaker 

Hail Storm at Scars
Costs involved:
    • Water & electricity
    • Gardening 
    • Maintenance of fences, gates, shade sails, signage 
    • Maintenance of washing machines, kitchen & laundry
    • Security
After clean up








Office & administration:

There are many behind the scenes tasks that need to be done to keep the refuge running like a well oiled machine. Advertising, social media, website, marketing education and the co-ordination of the volunteers. The refuge currently has over 200 volunteers who attend to all different tasks such as: animal care, cleaning, rehoming, maintenance, gardening, administration support, marketing and running external fundraising.

Scars office helper

Costs involved:

  • Phone & computer expenses
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Marketing material
  • Furniture




It is a sad fact that there are always going to be animals in need of the services that the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge supply. The only way that the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge can do this is with the continued support from the local community by providing donations and volunteering their time.

By purchasing this calendar you will be supporting a small local Sunshine Coast business and you will be donating much needed funds to The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge to help find cats and dogs a home this Christmas.

The Ziggy Belle 2020 calendar is available to buy from:

Get yours before they sell out! 

$10 from the sale of each calendar will go to helping cats and dogs in need of a home this Christmas.

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