The Love Hate Relationship with Cat Hair!

The Love Hate Relationship with Cat Hair!

It's the one thing that most fur parents hate about having a cat in the family, FUR FUR FUR .... everywhere!!!

It's not our fault it just a natural thing that happens as it does with our humans. We shed more hair as the weather starts to warm up, as we need a thinner coat to deal with the warmer temperatures.

This issue is more of a problem if you have someone in your family that has an allergy to you. Unfortunately this is the case in our family. My mummy K is allergic to me. She is used to me now but she takes allergy medication so that she doesn't get sick.

As shaving your cat is not an option, the only thing that you can do is to ensure that you keep on top of the situation and not let cat hair rule your life.

First thing to do is invest in 3 essential items that are going to make the removal of hair easier.

  1. vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction. My mummies bought the Dyson Animal which is specifically designed to pick up animal hair. It was expensive apparently but it was worth the investment.Dyson Animal
  2. A good quality deshedding brush. My mummies have tried many brushes on me over the years and some are better than others. Some brushes just get the hair from the top coat which is fine if you just want to look tidy. But the best brushes to help with the hair that sheds are ones with big teeth that reach below the top coat and remove the hair from the undercoat. After doing a lot of research on this matter we found a great brush which we have put my name on and is going to be the first product that we sell in our store!!Deshedding Brush
  3. Pet hair removal tool. This could be a lint brush, a rubber electrostatic brush or something of the like. Use to remove hair from chairs couches clothes outdoor furniture. My mummy found a really awesome electrostatic brush which is made of rubber and it picks up the hair from the outdoor furniture and the blankets on my bed really easily.
Electrostatic Brush


Now that you are armed with the arsenal of items you need to fight the battle with cat hair, you will never have to worry about it again!

Stay tuned for more articles about how cats like to be brushed. This can be another battle in itself if you don't do it right.

Being a cat myself I can tell you all about what your cat will and won't like.

Signing off for now,

Ziggy Belle 🐾





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