Most Popular Cat Breeds 2021

Most Popular Cat Breeds 2021

Everyone loves a cute kitty cat video. Watching them play, run, frolic or even eating or sleeping - we could wile away several hours in a day easily!

One platform that has become particularly popular for cat videos is TikTok!

A pet insurance company in the UK decided to consolidate viewing data from TikTok and categorise total number of views by breed of cat.

Here is a list of the top 10 cat breeds according to number of views on TikTok:

1. Bengal Cat: 1.5 billion views

Bengal Cat - Ziggy Belle

2. Sphynx Cat – 1.0 billion views

Sphynx Cat - Ziggy Belle

3. British Shorthair Cat – 888.4 million views

British Shorthair Cat - Ziggy Belle

4. Maine Coon Cat – 771.1 million views

Maine Coon Cat - Ziggy Belle

5. Scottish Fold Cat – 666.6 million views

Scottish Fold Cat - Ziggy Belle

6. Persian Cat – 362.1 million views

Persian Cat - Ziggy Belle

7. Savannah Cat – 213.4 million views

Savannah Cat - Ziggy Belle

8. Munchkin Cat – 141.1 million views

Munchkin Cat - Ziggy Belle

9. Ragdoll Cat – 137 million views

Ragdoll Cat - Ziggy Belle

10. Siamese Cat – 82.4 million views

Siamese Cat - Ziggy Belle


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