Ziggy Belle 2020 Calendar

Ziggy Belle to Support Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge!!

A few weeks ago my mummies went to visit the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge. They wanted to meet the staff & see in person the great work that they do to help find kitty cats new homes.

Ziggy Belle is a rescue cat herself and really wants to help other cats in need so we are now going to become a sponsor with regular donations. We are also going to be selling a Calendar & the proceeds will go to support the Refuge.

This video gives a brief glimpse into the fantastic work that Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge do to rehome cats (& dogs.) All staff that work there are volunteers. They need our help to cover all the costs of looking after these beautiful animals.


After her initial visit my mummy did a bit of research about the refuge. 

Here is what she found out:

The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge have been providing a safe refuge for animals since 1979. Since then they have rehomed over 40,000. That is an average of 1000 cats & dogs per year!

Being an independent, not-for-profit, charitable organisation they rely on the work of volunteers and donations to help with animal care, cleaning, rehoming, and everything that goes with it.

Each animal costs around $800-900 to be adopted. This includes vet checks, vaccinations, worming, desexing, microchipping and any medical treatment that may be required.

The refuge operate a “non euthanise” policy and all cats & dogs remain in the care of the refuge until they can be successfully rehomed.


My mummy was very excited when this big box arrived in the mail yesterday!!! All of the photos are of me! (of course!) and they are taken by my mummy who is a budding photographer. We think that the photos are pretty awesome, but we are biased!

All proceeds from the sale of this calendar will go directly to helping the refuge continue their mission in helping all the cats & dogs that need forever homes.


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