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About Us

Ziggy Belle was founded earlier this year by Cat Lover Sonya (thats Me!). The business was inspired by my own cat of the same name.

Since early childhood I have had cats in my life. Ollie, Whiskey, Fudge & now Ziggy. During that time I have learned a lot about how to care for a kitty cat. I have also been through some tough times with Ziggy (especially when she lost her eye.)

With my experience, passion for cats, and my love of research my aim is to source the best in cat products and to provide up to date and relevant information about cat health and behaviour topics.

Ziggy Belle will be with me throughout the entire product sourcing process. All Products will be approved and tested by Ziggy Belle herself.

Through extensive research I have found that cats are under represented in the pet industry. If you walk in to a pet shop the majority of the store is filled with items for dogs. There are also many more dog orientated pet stores online and only a very small handful of purely cat only stores. 

Ziggy Belle aims to be your one stop shop for all things cat, providing everything your cat will need in one place.  

Ziggy will also be helping me with the writing of articles, blog posts and an E-Book all about cat care! Most importantly we will be sharing lots of cute pictures of Ziggy. 

As Ziggy is a disabled cat we would also like to increase awareness of how important it is for these animals to be considered for adoption too. Often cats with health conditions or disabilities are overlooked because of the perceived problems or sadly even due to aesthetics.

Cats with disabilities are resilient and strong, and adapt to new circumstances a lot better than we do. Their disabilities can be the result of abuse, neglect or even genetics, or in Ziggy's case a cat fight. With lots of love & patience they can usually be managed easily with regular care. 

Ziggy Belle - Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide the very best in cat products to ensure the health, wellness, happiness & security of all Furry Felines in Australia.

Through educational articles we also wish to provide the latest information for Fur Parents on how to take the very best care of their Fur Babies.

We also wish to raise the awareness of disabled cats and help raise funds and promote adoption of these Fur Babies that also need loving homes.

Thank you for visiting our page.

Meow for Now! 🐾





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