Love your Kitty Cat? Hate the hair that they drop all over the carpets & furniture? What about the hairballs? Yuk!

Start reducing the amount of cat hair in your home

It’s a love hate relationship.

You love your furbaby but you hate the hair that they drop all over the floor, the furniture and your carpet. You hate even more the hair that gets stuck to your favourite pair of black pants.

Even worse is the hairballs that cats produce due to their fastidious grooming.

Cats shed their hair which is a natural process that allows for loss of older and often dead hair. Most cats shed seasonally.

As the warmer weather approaches they will shed more hair as they get rid of their thicker winter coat. However your kitty cat is still likely to shed some hair all year round.

When your cat is grooming themselves they will inevitably ingest more of that hair which will lead to a higher risk of hairball production.

What is a cat parent to do?

There have been many solutions offered to us Cat Parents over the years. Special hairball food formulas, lubricating gels, granules - all in an effort to get the hairballs to pass through the digestive system.

What if…. you could PREVENT hairballs rather than trying to treat them??

The Ziggy Belle Cat Deshedding Brush will help!

This unique brush has been designed with special teeth to remove excess hair and loose fur from the undercoat. As the undercoat is the main type of hair that a cat sheds there will be less for your cat to ingest if you maintain a routine of regular brushing.

With a regular brushing regime your cat will shed less hair in the home. Which means your clothes and furniture will be fur free & you won’t have to get your vacuum out every day to deal with the tumbleweeds of cat fur flying through your house.

The deshedding brush is great for your kitty cats health too. It removes dirt, debris, and dander from your cats coat and distributes the natural oils throughout their coat leaving it ultra shiny. A healthy coat also means healthy skin. Your kitty cat will be happy and healthy!


The New Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush especially for cats! 


Benefits Of The Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush:

  • Remove excess hair and undercoat
  • Remove dirt, debris and dander
  • Less chance of hairball production
  • Your cat will shed less around the house
  • Your home will be exposed to less allergens
  • Your cats skin & coat will be healthy & shiny
  • Recommended by Veterinarians

Features Of the Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush:

  • Special teeth designed to reach the undercoat of your cat
  • Removable stainless steel blade that can be cleaned & sanitised
  • Sleek, ergonomic design, funky colour
  • Made from strong & durable materials
  • Protective safety cover for the blade


  • We are proud to say also that our products come in environmentally friendly packaging. No annoying plastic blister packaging that is hard to open!
Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush Eco Friendly Packaging

The environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. 


  • With each purchase of the Ziggy Belle Cat Deshedding Brush you will receive a free book written by Ziggy Belle herself, (with a little help from her Mummy of course!) which is called “Caring for your Kitty Cat.”
The Ziggy Belle Caring for your Kitty Cat E-Book

Each customer will receive this E-Book free. 

Why shop with Ziggy Belle?

Ziggy Belle is dedicated to Cats only. We know cats!! Cats have very different needs to dogs. By choosing to shop with Ziggy Belle you are supporting a Queensland based business who is focused on educating the cat community about responsible cat ownership.

Ziggy Belle is also working with Animal Rescue groups to help cats in need that need rescuing and rehoming due to being abandoned or mistreated.

Where to buy?

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Ziggy Belle - My unique one eyed tuxedo fur baby.

Ziggy Belle - my unique one eyed baby girl - the inspiration behind my business.

“Our mission is to provide the very best in cat products to ensure the health, wellness, happiness & security of all Furry Felines in Australia. Through educational articles we also wish to provide the latest information for Fur Parents on how to take the very best care of their FurBabies.”

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Hi Sonya,

The brush is fantastic and buffy enjoys using it and I love the book included we have the same type of cat they are so beautiful


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