Order Tracking Information

These frequently asked questions should alleviate any concerns you have about the delivery of your order.

We at Ziggy Belle understand how frustrating it can be waiting for your order to arrive. Please be assured that we have the best processes in place to ensure that your order will arrive to you within the specified time frame.

Where is my order coming from?

We offer many products on our website. Some of our products are shipped directly from our Warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne. We also have products which are shipped to you from our warehouses in China and Singapore.

How long will my order take?

Each product page lists the details of where the item is coming from and how long the estimated delivery time is.

  • Brisbane & Melbourne - 1-2 days processing, 2-6 days delivery
  • China & Singapore - 4-7 days processing, 13-20 days delivery

My order hasn't arrived. What should I do?

You can check on the status of your order using the tracking number that you have been given. If you are still concerned please send us an email.

Why won't the tracking number work?

As we have items being shipped from different locations we have different tracking systems. Australia Post can only provide the information once the parcel is actually in the country.

Check your tracking number to figure out the tracking system to use:

17-Track - tracking numbers start with L and end in CN (eg. LX032317473CN)

Global - Start with UBY or L and end in SG (eg.UBY8065048015120 or LB121695681SG)

Australia Post - usually a combination of letters and numbers (eg. 33NBE5003245 or BRG755256201000935100)



**Please note that the Coronavirus is having an impact on shipping times all over the world. Visit our Shipping Policy for further information.