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Pet Sitting

We highly recommend First Class Pet Sitting services! You just need to go on to their website and create a profile for you cat (and other pets if you have them) Once you need to use their services you can login to request the services you require.

They can provide daytime visits - if your kitty is anything like Ziggy she just needs to be fed, watered, her poop scooped and a little scratch on the head and then she is happy to be left alone. 

However if your kitty likes a lot of attention you can arrange for overnight stays. If your kitty has a doggy brother they can also arrange doggy day care or dog walking services!

Pet Sitting Services Australia | First Class Pet Sitting Services

Did you know that you could have your kitty cat at your wedding?? The owner Kylie has expended the business to include First Class Pet Wedding Services!!

There are numerous ways you can include your kitty cat on your special day for example they could welcome guests as they arrive at the ceremony, you could surprise your bride or groom by having them there. They could be your ring bearer or flower girl or page boy.

If your kitty cat is harness trained you could have them walk you down the aisle. We were planning on having Ziggy at our wedding, she is not harness trained but I had organised to have her there in her stroller. I even spent over $100 on a fancy collar for her to wear on the day that is encrusted with Swarovski Crystals!

We were all booked and ready to have Ziggy arrive at the ceremony but it wasn't meant to be sadly. Ziggy ended up getting too stressed out by my 4 year old nephew who was staying with us at the time. So just keep that in mind if you decide you want to have your kitty at your wedding!

Pets at Weddings | First Class Pet Wedding Services

I know it is sad to think about it but they can also provide a similar service for funerals. What better way to honour someone's life than to have their furbaby attend the funeral. When you hire First Class Pet Services you can be sure they will take the stress out of the day for you.

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