Recommended Services

We have compiled a list of services here for you that we have either used or can highly recommend. Some of these are local to the Sunshine Coast only so if you are stuck for finding somewhere near to you email us at: and we will endeavour to help you find the service you need close to you!

Pet Sitting

We highly recommend First Class Pet Sitting services! You just need to go on to their website and create a profile for you cat (and other pets if you have them) Once you need to use their services you can login to request the services you require.

They can provide daytime visits - if your kitty is anything like Ziggy she just needs to be fed, watered, her poop scooped and a little scratch on the head and then she is happy to be left alone. 

However if your kitty likes a lot of attention you can arrange for overnight stays. If your kitty has a doggy brother they can also arrange doggy day care or dog walking services!

Pet Sitting Services Australia | First Class Pet Sitting Services

Did you know that you could have your kitty cat at your wedding?? The owner Kylie has expended the business to include First Class Pet Wedding Services!!

There are numerous ways you can include your kitty cat on your special day for example they could welcome guests as they arrive at the ceremony, you could surprise your bride or groom by having them there. They could be your ring bearer or flower girl or page boy.

If your kitty cat is harness trained you could have them walk you down the aisle. We were planning on having Ziggy at our wedding, she is not harness trained but I had organised to have her there in her stroller. I even spent over $100 on a fancy collar for her to wear on the day that is encrusted with Swarovski Crystals!

We were all booked and ready to have Ziggy arrive at the ceremony but it wasn't meant to be sadly. Ziggy ended up getting too stressed out by my 4 year old nephew who was staying with us at the time. So just keep that in mind if you decide you want to have your kitty at your wedding!

Pets at Weddings | First Class Pet Wedding Services

I know it is sad to think about it but they can also provide a similar service for funerals. What better way to honour someone's life than to have their furbaby attend the funeral. When you hire First Class Pet Services you can be sure they will take the stress out of the day for you.

Funeral Assistant - First Class Pet Sitting Services

Mad Paws - 

Unlike traditional pet minding services such as kennels and veterinary clinics, Mad Paws offer a wide and unique range of services that aim to engage and make your pet feel as loved and as happy as they do at home.

The types of services they offer are pet sitting and hosting, house visits, dog walking and more. 

Mad Paws is a Sydney based company that was created to fill the growing need for affordable pet boarding services while still maintaining the care love and attention that our fur babies deserve.

Pet Cloud - 

PetCloud is a national website for Pet Owners to Search, Connect, and easily Book verified & insured Pet Care Services across Australia — from any internet connected device. It's a safe, convenient and affordable way to make sure your best friend is in a loving home while you're away.  

We are Australian owned and run company guided by experts and industry leaders from the Animal Welfare industry.

Vets - Greencross

We have always taken Ziggy to Greencross Vets, we have moved a few times and we know that the service we receive stays consistent and her records are always accessible from anywhere.

Greencross Vets are available all throughout Australia. Check out there website to find the closest clinic to you:


Physio - Holistic Animal Physio

When Ziggy developed arthritis we were referred to Brooke at Holistic Animal Physio. She is located in Nambour, QLD. She was excellent at treating Ziggy.

Not many people realise that cats actually respond to physio treatment really well. If you think your cat could benefit from physio treatment talk to your veterinarian for a referral.

Cat Boarding - Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat

The boarding facilities out at Hobbits Knob are really one of a kind! They have different types of rooms available depending on the personality of your cat! Your kitty will not want to come home after a stay at Hobbits Knob. They even offer a pick up and drop off service!

Cat Behaviorist - Catology

If you ever find yourself feeling frustrated about your cats fighting, scratching your furniture or leaving little surprises outside of the litterbox I would highly recommend the services of Chris from Catology. He is a Feline Behaviour Specialist and can offer Online or In home Consultations. Check out the Catology website to find out more.

Palliative Care

Sunset Vets is a specialised palliative care and euthanasia service helping families to access home based care when they need it most.

Just been to the vet but still have questions or concerns about your pet’s medical condition? Perhaps you have one of those cats who has an absolute panic attack at the prospect of a trip in the car? Or are you caring for a much loved family member who has been unwell and is approaching the end of their life?

The team at Sunset Vets are committed to supporting pets and their families through these tough times so if you don’t know where to turn in the face of a terminal diagnosis or have noticed your pet is slowing down and want to know if anything more can be done to ensure their comfort, get in touch. Veterinary healthcare is advancing daily – you’ll be amazed at what options you didn’t realise you had.

Pet Funeral Services

If you ever find yourself in the position of having lost a fur baby (we lost our Little Lemony in March 2021) we can highly recommend the services of Little Treasures Pet Cremation. Tara was wonderful and caring and understood totally how we were feeling. She made the whole process so much easier to deal with.

Pet Rest Cremations is another service on the Sunshine Coast that is highly recommended.

Bereavement Services 

After the passing of our Lemony Tara from Little Treasures Pet Cremation recommended the services of Madonna from Bee Yourself Counselling. I was really struggling to deal with the grief and Madonna really helped me through those first few dark weeks.