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The Cat's Whiskers Info Page

Signing Up:

To sign up to The Cat’s Whiskers program just click on the program launcher at the bottom right hand side of the website.

Or use this link:

If you have already signed up to the Ziggy Belle website you will automatically be registered and 250 sign up Kitty Kibble will be added to your account.

Checking your account:

To check the amount of Kitty Kibble you have earned you need to login to your account.

Click on the program launcher and your Kitty Kibble balance will be listed.

You will also see the next reward you are eligible for with a timer indicating how much further you have to go to get to that reward.

Click on ways to earn to show the list of ways you can earn Kitty Kibble

Once you have completed a task it will be greyed out and a tick will appear next to it.

Tasks that haven’t been completed will still show in white. 

How to Redeem Your Kitty Kibble:

To turn your Kitty Kibble into rewards you need to login to your account.

Click on the launcher. Click on the All Rewards Button

Once you have earned enough Kitty Kibble, a Redeem button will show next to the coupon you are eligible for. You can then click the Redeem button for the voucher of your choice. 

You will then be given a discount code that can be used for your next order. If you wish to use it there and then you can click “apply” so it will automatically be added when you checkout.


  • Points do not have an expiry date
  • Free shipping voucher is valid for shipping with Parcel Post up to the value of $20
  • If at any time you think there is a discrepancy with your account please send an email with the details and we will investigate:
  • Ziggy Belle reserves the right to change the rules regarding the program at any time, including the value of a reward, the reward allocated for a task or action and the rewards given for birthdays & referrals.