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Jolly Moggy Silvervine Rattan Balls

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Treat your Kitty to a set of Silvervine Rattan Balls. Playtime is so important for your kitty. It helps to keep them fit and healthy and active. It helps them to relieve pent up aggression and stops them from getting bored.

You can use these balls with interactive play by flicking them to your cat and see if they will flick them back. Or you can leave them lying around the house for autonomous play.

Ziggy has always loved playing with balls and when we saw these special Silvervine Rattan ones we wanted to make these available to our kitty cat customers!

What is Silvervine I hear you ask!

Well Silvervine is a lesser known and sometimes more effective cousin of Catnip.

If your cat doesn't react much to Catnip then perhaps you should give Silvervine cat toys a try. 

The natural chemical in Silvervine is said to affect more cats than catnip and the impact lasts longer, anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes. 

Silvervine also contains a sweet smelling terpene compound that acts like a pheromone which will also drive your kitty cat wild!

Silvervine, like catnip is considered to be very safe for cats.

If you want to try something new in your kitty cats play time routine these Silvervine Rattan Balls might be the best investment you could make! Using toys that engage your cats olfactory senses is a great way to enrich your cats life in a holistic approach.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Jolly Moggy Silvervine Rattan Balls.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 13, 2021