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  • Slicker Cat Brush by Scream - Ziggy Belle
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Scream Cat Slicker Brush

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Do you love your cat but are sick of the fur they leave all over your couch, carpets and clothes?

The Scream Cat Slicker Brush can help eliminate shedding to stop fur gathering in your home. With regular brushing you can remove excess hair before the tumbleweeds start forming. It will also help eliminate the allergens that are caused from the saliva on the fur.  

The slicker brush is the perfect size for grooming all adult cats. The bristles are positioned to remove loose hair from the topcoat gently and safely. The Scream Cat Slicker Brush is designed to leave your kitty cat with a healthy & shiny coat.

The Scream Cat Slicker Brush is designed with a non slip grip. With its comfortable, light, yet strong construction you will enjoy grooming sessions with your cat for years to come.

Size: 9 x 17 cm